CINDY VAN DER HEYDEN FOR COTTDS.COM is featured in NRC (national newspaper), ELLE MAGAZINE, GRAZIA, NEW YORK TIMES, ELLE GIRL MAGAZINE, COSMOPOLITAN SHOPPING MAGAZINE, NEW YORKER MAGAZINE, DE PERS NEWSPAPER to name a few. COTTDS also appeared on national TV (Net 5), RTL XL and gave a masterclass about blogging for GRAZIA. to read the articles click here.

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  1. Dien
    Mar 30 2012

    This blog definitely brings out my dark side! More so, my dramatic and bold side. Love how versatile your style is.

  2. Juliette
    Nov 21 2012

    OH MY GODDDDDD; I’ve just discovered your blog, and.. ohmygod it’s AMAZING !! I really love your style, and all of your looks. I hope that you’ll see my message because I want to give you my congratulations! Btw, you are beautiful, and natural, and that’s why you make the different between the other bloggers!

    • Nov 21 2012

      Wow! Thank you so much, Juliette!

  3. Jan 27 2013

    Just found your blog, I have to say u r such an inspiration! Keep it up like this, love your style! X

  4. Mar 15 2013

    ohh god!! i love your style and your blog!!!
    i love the drak side !!! I AM SO !!!


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