December 24, 2014


Not so long ago I’ve showed you photos of my kitchen area (you can see it here), just before we’ve changed the dining area. With a kid on the way we wanted to have a ‘normal’ dining table. So we’ve did some shopping and this is the result. I’m very happy with how it turned out, especially since we didn’t had a lot of space to use. Squeezed in a little outfit as well. Love this oversized knitted sweater, but definitely don’t love how big it make me look on the photo. Haha. O well, I guess these sweaters are not the best option when you’re 31 weeks pregnant. Only 9 weeks left, guys!

PS: Enjoy the holidays!!!

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  1. Dec 24 2014
  2. Dec 24 2014

    wow, that looks awesome! And you don’t look fat! Just pregnant ;)

  3. Dec 24 2014

    dreamy interiror ! nice job !

  4. Dec 24 2014

    Wauw ziet er prachtig uit en jij ook!

    Liefs Nora /

  5. Dec 24 2014

    Love your aesthetics, so minimalist and edgy at the same time !

  6. Lisa
    Dec 24 2014

    Leuke kinderstoel!!
    Past perfect bij je interieur :)

  7. Dec 24 2014

    love it!! Merry Christmas

    Giveaway on my blog!

  8. Nico
    Dec 24 2014

    Love your knit!

    How to combine SEQUINS (not only for special occasions) on
    lb-lc fashion blog

  9. Dec 24 2014

    You don’t just dress black/white but you live it too!! ;)

  10. Dec 24 2014

    I love your dining area, those chairs look super stylish! And also love your sweater :D And merry x-mas!!

  11. Dec 25 2014

    Minimal and monochrome, my two favourite M words!

    – Grace xx

    PS. would really appreciate it if you could check out my blog and maybe subscribe if you feel so inclined? <3

  12. Dec 25 2014

    Such a perfect place <3

  13. Dec 25 2014

    so beautiful interior!

  14. Dec 29 2014

    This dining room looks amazing, I woul love to have one like this!!

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  15. Samantha
    Feb 20 2015

    Super leuke Blog! had een vraagje, hoe heet die app (digitale clock) op je macbook? thanks!


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