May 12, 2012


Ever dreamed of becoming a professional blogger? Or a stylist for one day? Who didn’t, right? Well, guess what! I’m giving one of you the chance to be both!

As a lot of you guys know I’m one of the bloggers of the ‘Whatstrend Blog’ network. After almost a year being a proud member, I’m resigning because of lack of time, which means a spot will become available!

YOU might be the new Whatstrend blogger.

And that’s not all. As the new member of the Whatstrend blog, you’ll also win a STYLING JOB FOR NEW YORKER. You will style the summer shoot in festival theme on the 29th of May!

Being part of the Whatstrend blog network means:

  • Publishing your articles on the Whatstrend blog. Of course you don’t need to give up your blog.
    You can publish new articles, old – but cool – articles, whatever you want to share;
  • You will receive a salary as a Whatstrend member;
  • You will be invited to international blogevents (see here and here the video of our last events);
  • You are available on the 29th of May for the styling session for New Yorker (all costs will be covered)
  • You will be colleagues with the following popular bloggers: Mode Junkie, Collage Vintage, Fashion-Nerdic, Mode d’amour, Frichic and The Styleograph!;
  • Plus many, many, more good stuff!

What do you need to do?

Publish an article on your blog with ‘why you should be the next whatstrend blogger’.
Make sure you refer in your post to the competition by adding a link to this post. Share the link of your blogpost in a comment on this post and keep your fingers crossed!

I will announce the Top 5 bloggers next week already, so make sure you have published and shared your blogpost BEFORE FRIDAY THE 18TH OF MAY.



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  1. May 11 2012

    Ik maak er vanavond mijn werk van! :)

  2. May 11 2012

    What a great competition !

  3. May 11 2012

    Wauw, wat een ontzettend gave kans is dit! Moet het artikel in het Nederlands of Engels zijn?

    X Eva

    • May 11 2012

      Hi Eva,

      Jaaa, leuk he!

      Ik zie dat je op je blog ook in het Engels schrijft, dus het liefst Engels. Het is namelijk een internationaal Bloggers Netwerk. En de mensen die voor Whatstrend werken gaan de blogs ook bekijken! :) Het hoeft ook helemaal niet onwijs lang te zijn. (probeer iig de aandacht te trekken naar je blog!)

      Succes!! X

  4. May 11 2012

    Wat ontzettend gaaf!! Helaas ben ik op vakantie de 29e :(

    • May 11 2012

      Wat jammer!! Maar je hebt in ieder geval een goede reden om het te moeten missen :)

  5. May 11 2012

    Wauw!! Ik wil ook mee doen! Wordt er ook gekeken naar het aantal volgers dat je blog heeft, en of het wel genoeg invloed uitoefent?? Heb er nog lang niet zoveel als jouw ;) Maar lijkt me zekers een leuke kans!


    • May 11 2012

      Hi Valerie,

      Nee, absoluut niet. Er wordt gewoon echt gekeken naar wie een leuke blog heeft en die uiteraard ook potentie heeft om te groeien! Dus zeker mee doen!! X

  6. May 11 2012


    great competition though i will miss you as a whatstrend blogger, I liked your job there!

    I have a question… do you think I have any chance? Because I am a beauty and fashion blogger.

    My outfits are here:

    but there are beauty related posts too. I have 1000+ followers on blogspot.

    Im just not sure if I have to be a fashion blogger ONLY. I do live in the Netherlands though :)

    Thank you for your answer in advance! :)


  7. May 11 2012

    wow , what a great opurtunity! I also would like to know ifd even stand a change in becoming a whatstrend blogger. Im 22 years old & from Estonia.

    Maybe you could check out my blog and tell me your honest opinion?

    my blog is

    all the best!

  8. May 11 2012

    hi! I’m elle.. I’m a fashion lover and i do have my blog but doesn’t have much follower on it.. I just love posting some mix and match articles… hope i have a chance,… Thanks for the opportunity, .. :)

  9. May 11 2012

    shame you’re leaving but what a great competition!!

    Here’s my entry!

    spannend!!!!! :)

    • May 11 2012

      Thank you for your amazing contribution, babe!

      And good luck!! (fingers crossd!) XX

  10. May 11 2012

    Leuk, erg leuk! Ga ik mooi even tijd voor maken tijdens mijn examens!
    Is het trouwens belangrijk om je blog een naam te geven? Mijn blog is namelijk gewoon mijn eigen naam..

    • May 11 2012

      Leuk! Ik ben benieuwd! :) Nee, hoor helemaal niet! Als jouw eigen naam je blognaam is dan is dat perfect hoor! Succes! X

  11. May 11 2012

    waow.. its a big chance for us.. maybe its one of way to reach a big dream of hey goals, almost for all fashion blogger want. but im so sad if you are stop, cause im one of your big fans.. i’ll try, even im new.. just nothing to lose. we never know if we never try.. hehe..

    • May 11 2012

      No worries, I’m not stopping on this blog – of course! :)
      So you can visit me anytime!

      And yes, do try! Good luck!

  12. May 11 2012

    So happy to be given this opportunity!

  13. May 11 2012

    I already miss you on upcoming events Cindy!

    see you in Amsterdam I guess! :)



    • May 11 2012

      We need to convince Ruta that my presence is required on all Whatstrend/New Yorker events. Hahaha! I don’t want to miss it!!

      • May 11 2012

        Hahahahaha!!! You made me smile :) Of course, you are on the VIP list in my head babe, don’t worry! gonna miss you though…

  14. May 11 2012

    What a great opportunity for many aspiring blogger and competition to launch someone’s dream career! I would love to do it but I don’t have the confidence to compete with the many talented people out there. So I would just want to wish everyone the best of luck!

    THATS GRYT, Aves Gry

  15. May 11 2012

    Hi Cindy!

    Mag het ook een mannelijke blogger zijn?
    En moet je perse een blogp

    • May 11 2012

      *En moet je perse een blogpost maken die zichtbaar is tussen de rest van je posts, of mag je ook een aparte pagina maken zodat hij niet tussen je andere posts staat?


    • May 12 2012

      Hi Michel, leuk dat je geinteresseerd bent om mee te doen! Uiteraard zijn mannen ook welkom om in het team te komen (leuk juist!)
      Het gaat idd wel om een zichtbare post inderdaad. Succes!!

      • May 12 2012

        Oke thanks! Ik zal deze week met iets komen! :)

  16. May 11 2012

    I think it is a great opportunity, why not try!
    Maybe a dream come true :) who knows!


  17. May 11 2012

    Wie niet waagt, wie niet wint..

    I should be the next WhatsTrend blogger =)

  18. To follow in the steps of Cindy its not that easy, but the challenge and excitement are too big for not trying my luck. WhatsTrend Blog convened one of the best and my favourites Blogs and to becomme a part of it, would be a dream come true!! I love styling, fashion trends and blogs, i work in the fashion industry also. To be a proffesional blogger and to have the opportunitty to inspire other people with my personal style and desire for fashion would be great! And a lot of fun!!! Because fashion is for me having fun and enjoyng to expres yourself :)

  19. May 11 2012

    Hello Cindy,
    Too bad you’re leaving the team, obviously we will still follow you here :)

    Here’s my entry:


  20. May 11 2012

    HI Cindy,

    Again thanks for the opportunity… Here’s the link to my Blog and facebook page …!/2012/05/next-whats-trend-blogger-by-cottds.html and!/pages/Style-Book-of-a-Shopaholic

    Elle of Stylebookofashopaholic

  21. May 11 2012

    This is really a great offer and also good promotion… :)


    Van – / Bloglovin / New Facebook-Page

  22. May 12 2012

    this is why I should be the next whatstrend blogger:

  23. May 12 2012

    What a wonderful oppurtunity! HERE’S MY ENTRY :)


  24. May 12 2012

    Hoi Cindy,
    Wat jammer dat je er weg gaat! Wel echt een super mooie kans,
    ik ben druk met schrijven van een goede post hiervoor. Vanavond of morgen zal ik een berichtje achter laten met mijn artikel!

    Dankjewel :)

  25. May 12 2012

    Wat een geweldige kans!
    In de beschrijving staat dat je ook posts van je blog mag gebruiken. Mag je dan ook af en toe een post maken op je blog en die ook op whatstrend plaatsen, of moeten de posts op whatstrend uniek zijn?

    Ik vind het wel jammer dat je weggaat..

  26. May 13 2012

    This is an amazing opportunity for everyone of us!! So I am not going to loose it!
    Here is my entry Cindy, and I hope you like my work!!I would love to hear your thoughts about it!!

  27. May 13 2012

    Oeee I love this! I just started my blog, so I’ll do my best! X

  28. May 13 2012
  29. May 13 2012

    Thanks for this opportunity!
    Here is my post link:
    Bye and hope you like it! :)

  30. May 13 2012

    Hi!! Here’s my post applying for the competition!

    I wish myself good luck! hahaha and thank you Whatstrend and you! for the opportunity you’re giving to bloggers worldwide, besos Cindy!
    (I’m from South America)

  31. May 13 2012

    You can find my post about this competition here :)

  32. May 13 2012
  33. May 13 2012

    Wel echt echt heel jammer dat je weg gaat, ben dol op jouw kledingstijl.

    • May 14 2012

      Hi Sophie,

      Ik stop natuurlijk alleen met Whatstrend niet met mijn eigen blog natuurlijk! :) XX

  34. May 14 2012

    Hey! It’s too bad you’re living but I hope you will still post here as you’re such an inspiration :)

    Here’s my post :) Hope my reasoning is enough to choose me :)))

  35. May 14 2012

    Hi Cindy,
    Thank you for this amazing opportunity!! I have one question. Where will the styling job take place? I hope you have time to answer so I get ready to write and try, and maybe win:))) Thank you so much in advance!!!
    Looking forward for your answer!
    Best regards,

  36. May 15 2012

    Hi Cindy,

    Such a shame you’re leaving Whatstrend! But glad you’ll still be blogging, and what a great opportunity for someone to try and fill your shoes..

    I’m new to blogging, but really passionate and would love to throw my name into the hat!

    Here’s my entry:

    Fingers crossed, and good luck to everyone!



  37. Hello, Cindy,

    I am glad having this chance to present myself to you.
    I am ready for it.
    Thank you.

  38. May 15 2012


    Waow great competition, I do hope youe still gonna blog after you stop at Whatstrend?

    I just entered the competition with a blogpost, see it here

    My fingers are crossed

  39. May 15 2012

    Here is my entry for the contest.Thank you again!! Wish me luck:)

  40. May 16 2012

    Hi Cindy,

    Wat leuk dat je je lezers de kans biedt om deze mooie functie te winnen!

    Ik heb mijn motivatie op mijn blog gepost

    I hope I win!
    Fingers crossed :o)


  41. May 16 2012

    I’m all in!!!


    Sucks that you are leaving the network though. At least you will continue to blog and for that I’m thankful.

  42. May 16 2012

    Hier is dan mijn artikel. Op hoop van zegen zeg maar ;)

    Blijft jammer dat jij weg gaat, maar blijf je uiteraard volgen op deze blog!

    Xxx Eva

  43. May 16 2012

    Here’s my post, hope you like :)

    Natalie from Le Bon Chic xxx

  44. May 16 2012

    This is my post

    I’m crossing my fingers!
    That is amazing opportunity <3

  45. May 16 2012

    Let’s give it a shot!
    Click here for my post.




  46. May 16 2012

    Hi Cindy!

    Wat een gave kans zeg! Ik doe graag mee! Via onderstaande link kom je op mijn post:

    Succes met het beoordelen! :)

    Love, Petra

  47. May 17 2012

    I assume, this is only for European bloggers?

  48. May 17 2012

    What a great opportunity! My sister sent me this link and this is an offer I can’t refuse! ;) There is no harm in dreaming right?! Here’s the link that will lead you to my blogpost:

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed! Have a good one! xx

  49. May 17 2012

    Thank you for giving everyone the opportunity to be a whatstrend blogger!
    Here is my entry:

    You r truly an inspirational in any sense of fashion! :)

  50. May 17 2012

    Many thanks to Cindy, New Yorker and WhatsTrend for hosting such a fabulous blogger competition!

    I hope you enjoy my post.

  51. May 17 2012

    Ok fingers crossed…

    This is my entry

    Thanks for the opportunity (:

  52. May 17 2012

    Wat een geweldige kans!

    Dit zou ik echt heel erg graag willen winnen! Ik hoop dat er naar mijn post gekeken wordt!

  53. May 17 2012

    Gosh how awesome is that??? I just put my article above… Hope you like it… Love youuuu <3

  54. May 17 2012

    Hi Cindy,

    Wow what a great opportunity you’re giving us fellow bloggers!
    Here’s my entry:



  55. May 17 2012

    WOW! Hey Cindy!

    Finally my entry for “THE NEXT WHATSTREND BLOGGER” competition.

    Please check this link out ;)


  56. May 17 2012

    Hello Cindy, here’s my blogpost :)

    Thank you! :)

  57. May 17 2012

    What a fabulous opportunity Cindy! Please find my post below….


  58. May 17 2012
  59. May 17 2012

    Last but not least :) finally my post. Such an amazing chance…FIngers crossed!

    Have fun and good luck reading all the entries! x Anniek

  60. May 18 2012

    here’s my entrance, hope you’ll like it


  61. May 18 2012

    (here in England it’s still Thursday)


  62. May 18 2012


  63. May 18 2012

    Ah, I wanted to make a post today because I had no time for it last week due to my exams.

    But I’m too late now :(

  64. May 18 2012

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