October 28, 2011


I’M REACHING OUT TO YOU, GUYS. with my vacation coming up i can’t stop thinking of summer looks to wear during my holiday. think the isabel marant gava heels would look perfect under every outfit that i’ve already sorted out. but, the only problem is: i don’t own the isabel marant gava heels. i do have a pair of zara heels with a small strap, but somehow it feels too preppy for me. so wouldn’t it be great to add a bigger strap on it. but how the hell do i make that work? HELP! xx.


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  1. Oct 28 2011

    i saw some leather armcuffs from the h&m mens dept. that look exactly like the ones from isabel marant. maybe try those?


  2. Oct 28 2011

    Ja wat mode junkie hierboven zegt, op zoek gaan naar leren arm cuffs (je moet ze natuurlijk rond je been kunnen doen) en dan het lipje (waar het dunne bandje van de zara shoes aan zit) vastnaaien aan die cuff? Oh en natuurlijk dat dunne bandje er gewoon afknippen ;)

  3. Oct 28 2011

    The gava heels are so nice, I wish that I had them… I have no idea how to add a bigger strap without making it look very diy, but the leather armcuffs idea seems pretty good!

  4. Oct 28 2011

    hmm… ik heb geen idee… maar als het gelukt is; let us know ;)

    en om eerlijk te zijn; ik vind die van zara mooier :)

  5. Oct 28 2011

    hmm the bracelet seems to be a good idea. otherwise, maybe go to a fabric store and see what they have?

  6. Oct 28 2011

    Make or buy leather cuffs to go over the strap. :) Where are you going on vacay/holiday

  7. Oct 28 2011

    hmm, i think that zara should be good, but if you want new one, you should check on internet web sites, and buy different brand, with less price, maybe you fall in love with some other black high heel :)
    here is site you should check out
    I hope i helped you :)
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  8. Cristel
    Oct 28 2011

    Misschien kun je bij een hobbywinkel wat vinden..Of een dierenwinkel voor lederen hondenbandjes..

  9. malu
    Oct 28 2011

    Bij de mannenafdeling van de H&M hebben ze van die ‘armbanden’ van zwart leer, ik zou die leuk om je enkel doen:) Dan komen ze aardig in de buurt van die van Isabel Marant ♥

    ** Check out my Stylish Confessions! **

  10. Oct 28 2011

    I’d make leather cuffs and wear them on top or underneath the shoes strap.

    Fashion Agony blog

  11. Oct 28 2011

    Try shortening a skinny leather belt & turn it to a strap on the heel, you don’t even have to attach it, just wear it on your ankle above the shoes & it’ll look like it’s attached :)

    Lubna | ELLE VOX

  12. Oct 28 2011

    Misschien kun je gewoon een stuk leer kopen en die onder het bandje bevestigen? Dat bereik je hetzelfde effect een beetje.. of je hebt gewoon een goed excuus om de Gava’s te kopen :p haha.


  13. Oct 28 2011

    Nowhere, the brand of Eilin Kling make amazing shoes like that! With the silver top!! I love them!!

    Good luck to make your own one!! Don’t forget to show us the result! xx


  14. Oct 28 2011

    ze zijn mooi, maar idd mooier als die band groter is. Mischien kan je zwart leer kopen en een mooie cuff maken die je onder die strap kan doen.. Succes ermee!

    Travel in Style

  15. Oct 28 2011

    Ooo This is quite simple.


    Fashion Nostalgia

  16. Oct 28 2011

    I think you already have your answer from ModeJunkie :) good luck girl!

    With love,

  17. Oct 28 2011

    Where are you going on vacation? *jaloers

  18. Lily
    Oct 28 2011

    I have done this before!
    Buy leather and cut into wide strips. Then make 2-3 incisions along the middle of each strap. You will then pull the initial strap through the holes.
    The thin strap goes through the wide one like so: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_ODEN6RYLGe8/TG4NX-WzdZI/AAAAAAAAA14/RoJZImii_0A/s1600/redbeltlaced.jpg

    and you end up having a wide cuff with a thin buckle coming out, sort of like this

    best part – you can make many different cuffs. make sure you get quality leather/material and use an appropriate and sharp blade.
    good luck!

  19. Lily
    Oct 28 2011

    Also, with soft leather or leather like material, you can tie the ends over the buckle. :)

  20. Oct 28 2011

    Ja, een bredere band is meer iets voor jou.


  21. Oct 29 2011

    Why don’t you add a white ribbon around the ankle? Or even chiffon? It would add a bit more of a summery touch and shouldn’t be too hard to put through the loop.

    let us know how you go, and enjoy your holiday!!!

    Love your blog!

  22. Oct 29 2011

    i think the cuffs is a great idea i don’t think i can top it :)


  23. Oct 30 2011

    I also think that you could try with leather bracelet


  24. Nov 4 2011

    Well, why don’t you simply check out these:


    Have a good holiday!


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