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Received a voucher from work for Christmas to pick out something for myself. So when I stumbled upon this amazing leopard envelope bag from ZARA I knew I found the perfect gift! I’ve already wanted something leopard for sometime for that little extra detail in an outfit but couldn’t find something that would match with my personal style without looking trashy. I think this leopard envelope bag would be a perfect match with the leather skirt outfit from the previous post to change it more in to a party/Christmas look! I want to wish you all A HAPPY, HAPPY CHRISTMAS and enjoy the holidays! Xx.        PS: DON’T FORGET TO JOIN THE GIVEAWAY WITH OH MY FROCK


What to wear, what to wear! The holidays are right around the corner and I still haven’t figured out what to wear! Love this look with the leather skirt but I think I will freeze to death if I will wear this. Haha! Maybe with some thick tights and a red envelop bag it will look more suitable! What are you going to wear during the holidays? Xx.       


Polaroids of the River Island press event! Good times with bloggers: COPPERANDCURLS, FASHIONNERDIC (Ilanka) , SIX FEET FROM THE EDGGE (Debbie), SHOUT-OUT TO YOU (Jony), CHOUCHOU (Robine) , FASHION NICOTINE, JUST LIKE SUSHI, AFTERSTYLECOMESFASHION (Samm), ONE OF POINTS (Puck).       

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