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These leaked out photos of the collection “Lanvin for H&M” are the talk of the town. What do you think about the first two campaign photos so far? I sign up immediately for those leopard heels! And the photos are just stunning.  I can only say: we want more!


Not my average outfit-post but we snapped these photos while waiting for our train on an early early sunday morning. I just threw on the most comfortable outfit I could find. Went to support my sister for a 6-mile business run in Amsterdam. I was litterly freezing my ass off. Thank god for the big knitted scarf my mother in law made me to hide myself behind. I was wearing an all black esemble; leather Muubaa jacket, Westrags harem pants, cashmere ASOS top, suede ZARA wedges and the Olivia + Joy studded bag (the one from the current GIVEAWAY) and no bangs… A couple of months ago I saw Itrigue me now wearing clip-in bangs. I’ve always wanted to have bangs and I did try it once but it turned out to be a fiasco. (I blame the hairdresser) So I decided to try the clip-ins. I didn’t mention it right away so that I could check the respons of you guys. I was curious if you could tell that my bangs weren’t real. And I’m glad you didn’t so I can keep on wearing them and this time with confidence. These clip-ins are now my favourite accessory!


The shoe section My favourite pieces Mirror with my Jimmy Choo for H&M and Stolen Girlfriends Club dresses My jewelery boxes and Monki pillow As promised here are the photos of my walk-in closet after a few little changes! I’ve added two shelves and created a more clean look. I’m so much more happier with how it now is! Too bad I still have to hang so many clothes in it, but for now I’ve choosen some of my favourite pieces. Click on the video for a virtual tour through my closet. Enjoy! or click here for the mobile version


My outfit of Thursday evening, went to the IKEA with my bf to buy a new element for our walk-in closet. I wasn’t entirely satisfied with how it was and although we’ve only changed two things it looks so much better now. Still busy with reorganizing it and it will take me some time before it’s completely done. When you have to take all your clothes out of the closet you suddenly notice how much clothes you actually have! Confrontational! Will make some photos of it today and will show it in my next post! I was wearing my suede TOPSHOP over knee boots, Hudson jeans, a Queen’s Wardrobe blazer, an Urban Outfitters striped top and my TOPSHOP hat. Not the best outfit shots but it was already getting dark. Damn you autumn! PS: If you want to enter the Olivia + Joy giveaway make sure you leave a comment in this post: GIVEAWAY

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