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Here are some of my Las Vegas shots! Not the best photos of the outfits but we were way to busy to make proper outfit pics and don’t mind the face haha! Will show you many many more in the future! Have to run now! Have a great day!


Oversized tee: Gestuz, Tigh high boots & hat: Topshop Pics by Ilanka from fashion-nerdic (thanks babe!) A few weeks ago I told you guys about the bloggers project I was working on for FreshCotton! Only one day before I was leaving to New York it was the day of the shoot! (as if my week wasn’t hectic enough!) The ‘Selected by Influentials’ editorial will contain pieces from the Fresh Cotton’s Selected Store! It was such a crazy and chaotic day but most of all so much fun! Thank you Albert from FreshCotton and Rory from wearfirst for selecting my blog and for giving me the opportunity to be involved in this project! It was an awesome experience to be stylist for a day! The editorial will be published in the October issue of Blend Magazine! Until then check this amazingly cool backstage video from that day! (Dutch spoken) You will see my worried face a couple of times, muhahaha! The Bloggers:, fashion-nerdic.com, apolariodstory,, Dennis Branko &


Heading down to Times Square on day 2 – my outfit was choosen by the stuff I had with me in my handbag because my luggage was missing for two freakin days! (it was still in London) Lucky me! After shopping at the TOPSHOP in Soho! That store was just gigantic! Bought two ankle boots, a skirt & an amazing ring WHICH I LOST IN VEGAS!! =S Behind me you can see the Statue of Liberty! Haha! Not really clear tho.Dress: mbyM at Welikefashion – Leather jacket: Warehouse – Boots: D-Co Copenhagen – Leather zipper bag: Zara – Jewelry: Fashionology – Sunnies: Dior The most memorible thing from NY to me is when we went by boat to the Statue of Liberty and while we were on the boat heading down there the view from the skyline from New York was just unbelievable! I was literally blown away! Waiting for the shops to open in Soho – it’s never too early to go shopping!Top, skirt, hat; Topshop – Bag: Zara – Boots: D-Co Copenhagen – Jewelry; Fashionology Arrival in NY! This is me in my airplane outfit in our stuffy / grandparents decoration hotel but it was super clean with a perfect location between Central Park & Times Square! (mirror pic) Cardigan: Monki – Cashmere top: Asos – Leggings: Just Female – Boots: D-Co Copenhagen – Scarf: Pieces – Hat: Topshop – Jewelry: Fashionology My D-Co Copenhagen boots – bought them especially to survive on the streets of New York! Of course I wasn’t walking through NY on my high heels! But after spending four days on these really cool boots I just needed to walk on my high heels again only if it was for 5 minutes! And that’s when the photos of the previous post were taken! PS: Speaking of comfortable shoes! The cool sheepskin boots brand Whooga is having two give aways on their website to win a pair of sheepskin boots! You can either follow them on twitter: or sign up for their newsletter: If you don’t want to wait and want a pair of Whooga boots now use this discountcode 383CINDY to get 10% off!NEXT STOP: VEGAS


Guess who’s back from the States? Me, me, me! It was not my intention to just suddenly disappear on the blog world, but my last days here were so intense that I didn’t had time to give you a heads up that I was leaving and that I wouldn’t update my blog while I was gone! I wanted to enjoy my days in New York, Las Vegas and LA to the fullest and not behind the computer while all the fun outside was waiting for me! But I’m back and with an overload of photos! So there will be a lot of updates about my journey in the States! =) First of all I had an AMAZING time! It was incredible! I’m exhausted, but it was so worth it! These photos were taken in New York City and as you can tell from the bags I did not leave with empty hands! Muhaha! New York was great & there were so many things to do and so many things to see! Mostly my photos from NYC are sight seeing pics because of all the eye candy! Really impressive! But I wil show you those photos later! This was on my last day in New York before leaving to Las Vegas! I was wearing my new French Connection grey slouchy vest and my new black suede TOPSHOP ankle boots!

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