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New leather tigh high boots from TOPSHOP Meet some of my candies and my fluffy pillow ‘Ikmo’ from MONKI! PS: The competition with STYLE COMPARE is still open! You can win 250 pounds to spend on Style Compare – brands like ASOS, TOPSHOP, Urban Outfitters, All Saints, etc, etc! Entries must be received by the 3rd of September 2010. Old mixed with new (ZARA, STEVE MADDEN, TOPSHOP, ASOS)


Merve, Jony, Debbie & me (seek and you shall find) Jony & me Yara, Jony, Roos-Anne & me Me & my ‘mystery’ guest Merve! Robine, Ilanka, Debbie, Joyce, Roos-Anne & me Roos-Anne, Ilanka & me Big smiles from Yara & me Jony & me (mirror pic) More Monki shots! Thursday evening I had a date with Merve & Roos-Anne (and her friend Esmee!) to go to the store opening of Monki! The store is located on Kalverstraat 176 in Amsterdam and is just absolutely amazing! The decoration of the store is so awesome and playfull! There was so much going on around you, that I couldn’t help to just stare at the decoration in stead of the clothes! So I réally need to get back asap and check out their entire collection, so expect some new buys from Monki very soon! At the Monki store we bumped in to a lot of other bloggers – some you have already seen in my previous post – but I also got to meet Ilanka from Fashion-Nerdic! And let’s not forget about Yara from This Chick’s Got Style! I was wearing my Supertrash jacket, khaki pants from ZARA, STEVE MADDEN platform heels, TOPSHOP top and my leather zipper bag from ZARA. (and in most pictures a hat from MONKI which I wanted to take home with me só bad)


A ‘meet the bloggers’& ‘a photo overload’-post and this is just PART 1! Bloggers do seem to love the camera! =) Haha! Meet Merve from Copper and Curls, Roos-Anne from Mode-Rosa, Jony from A dreamworld where fashion exist, Debbie from SixFeetFromTheEdge, Robine from CHOUCHOU and last but not least Joyce from Just Like Sushi. We all bumped in at each other at the opening of the Monki store in Amsterdam! (more about that later) It was so much fun and great to meet all these girls!


Still two more weeks before me and my bf will finally be heading to the airport to catch the plane to the USA: first stop New York to do some serious shopping (obviously), second stop: Las Vegas to win all the money spend in NYC back (obviously) and the third and last stop will be Los Angeles to RELAX! And to do some more shopping (Again. Obviously). We will meet up with my sister and my brother in law in Vegas and after spending a couple of days there we will travel together to LA! This is their third trip to the USA (it will be my first – not fair!) and just like the two other times my sister will keep up a blog with daily updates about the trip (yes, she is crazy), and the fun part is that from day 18 I will be starring in it too! Haha! So, while I’m gone you can still follow me through her blog which is: Chris & Denise: USA roadtrip! For those who also think it’s fun to watch my sisters first 18 days full of adventures, starting today their roadtrip has officially began and they are now flying to Chicago as we speak! In the mean time feel free to give me loads of advice about cool places, shops, restaurants, lounge bars, etc! =)

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