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Paris by night! These photos were taken at the end of the evening of day 2, which you probably can tell from my tired face haha! We were enjoying the view of Paris on the Eiffel Tower on 00:00. It was magical! And although the day before the weather was amazing, this day wasn’t even half that pretty! I started my day wearing a mini skirt but rushed in to the first store I saw to buy another maxi dress so that I didn’t had to walk around with bare legs anymore because I was freezing! Luckely I had one pants packed so at the end of the day I trade the maxi dress in for my warm trousers and had my parka jacket zipped up!


J’adore Paris! This was day 1 in Paris! And wow what an amazing weather we had! We we’re so lucky because they had predict rain but it turned out to be like a hot summer day! I had an amazing time with my bf and it was so nice to discover Paris! It’s such a beautiful city! Besides hanging out the tourist I also went to see Sarah (see photo underneath), to check out the showroom from Misericordia. I will show you those photos later this week with my Misericordia goodie!


My outfit of yesterday! Wearing my new ZARA pants and white QUEEN’S WARDROBE blouse! Went to the city with my bestie! To get some last goodies which I will take to PARIS! Because when I’m closing down my mac, I will be heading down to the train and spend the weekend with my bf in PARIS! I can’t wait! I already haver a million things there that I want to do and to see! I will also visit a showroom there, which will be fun! This is what I will be taking with me! It was already 0.00 by the time that I finished packing, so the pictures are a bit dark! But expect loads of pictures with these items! See you in a couple of days! Xx.


My outfit of yesterday! Finally got to wear my new H&M parka jacket which I found on 50% SALE after searching so long for a great parka jacket! My bf and I went to his soccer club but by the time we got the chance to take the photos it was already getting dark! Which is such a shame because you don’t get to see how perfect my new jeans really is! But no worries! I’m going to wear this pair of jeans a lot! I can’t even remember when the last time was that I found a pair of jeans who actually fitted me, I always had to bring my jeans to the tailor which was really frustrating, so when the leggings and jeggings came along I just gave up the search! And then HUDSON JEANS showed up out of the blue! They sent me this pair of jeans all the way from New York! And when I tried it on it was like it was specially made for me! Such a relief that there is a jeans brand that actually fits me like jeans should fit! =D Many thanks HUDSON JEANS! AND… I want to congratulate Karina from Spain for winning the STORETS gladiator peep toe sandals is! You will receive an email within 3 days! Have fun with them!

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