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Oops! I haven’t been able to update my blog for a week now! Sorry! I’ve been busy doing loads of fun stuff! The weather is amazing here! And I’m so glad that it will kike this for the whole week! Can’t wait for weekend to begin while my workweek hasn’t even started! These photos were taken on the beach of Egmond aan Zee where I spend the whole day for a family event! So between the eating and drinking (a lot) me and my sister did a little photoshoot on the beach! I didn’t had the time to think about an outfit because I had to get up really early while we had a bbq and a party the other night so I just slipped in to my H&M maxi dress which I have for three years now but it never fails me!


Last week there was a ‘Who is She‘ event in one of the cinemas of Amsterdam, where they were casting girls to be the new face of the super sweet energy drink “She”. (I DIDN’T APPLY, I JUST VISIT) It was the first time I’ve took a sip from this new energy drink for women and I now know for sure that I will make some room in my refrigerator and replace the Redbull drinks for this stylish hot pink drink whenever I need a boost to get threw the day! I actually didn’t knew about this event, but I received an invitation (thanks to Monica from Styling Amsterdam) only a few hours before the event would started but since me and my girlfriend already had plans to meet up that night whe might as well dropped by, while showing off my new bodycon dress from Whistless and check out the new movie “The Back Up Plan”. Kaka is wearing the cute Kipling bag I got at SPICE PR!


Photos by: Denise. My sister bought herself a new camera for her 4 weeks through America trip. So we decided to try it out and I think the results turned out really great for a first time, she even went lying down on the ground for me hahaha! Hope we can do this more on a regular basis! *pretty please*. I’m wearing my new black French Connection dress and my long grey Monki cardi!


My outfit from tuesday! Wanted to wear my new H&M trend skirt which I bought for Paris and my new leopard ZARA tee which I bought in Paris! =) I don’t know what it is but I keep on wearing and buying green items! Looks like green is my new black! ;) Went to visit my sister in law for dinner in Amsterdam. To drop off some delicious Macarons which we brought from PARIS and thank them for the amazing weekend because the trip to PARIS was a birthday present from my sister in law and her bf!

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