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Wearing my new peep toe ankle boots from ZARA! Went to Amsterdam to visit my grandparents. My grandma thought I made the peep toe in the shoe myself. Hahaha! Quite amusing! =P She did like the hat tho! ;) Both my grandparents wanted to try it on! Haha! I do think that my grandma is the main reason I love fashion and clothes so much (I definitely not got it from my parents haha). She was obsessed with clothes as well and when I see old polaroids she always looked so trendy! That day she pulled of a navy look. Leather ankle boots: ZARA Shredded jeans: ONLY Tee: ZARA Strong studded shoulder blazer: ZARA Hat: ZARA MEN Leather zipper bag: ZARA Necklaces:


My outfit of friday – my bf’s birthday! A casual easygoing outfit! (I had a million things to do that day so I’ve wanted to wear something that suited my mood) After his work we grabbed a quick bite in the city and drove back to our house with the excuse that I forgot something, I’ve planned a surprise party for him, a make over on a room to create a office for him in the house and I’ve collected money with the whole family so he can finally start his own tee label! It was such a great evening! Lace up boots: H&M Pants: ZARA Grey tee: Zara Leather jacket: Muubaa Leather zipper bag: Zara Jewelry: TOPSHOP &


Going to the city now with my sister and this is what I’m wearing! Just received my new leather jacket from Muubaa and had to wear it! It’s such an awesome piece! I’m in loveee! Also wearing my panel leggings from Queens Waderobe, my 5 euro H&M top and TOPSHOP overknee boots!


Just a quick update before I leave for work! I haven’t got much time for outfit photos! My bf is becoming 25 this week and I have so much to take care of! I hate organizing surprises because I never can keep my mouth shut. Haha! Still two days left! O, and for the three girls with the best entries for the Style Compare competition. We will know about the results eater this week or the next! So keep your fingers crossed! Leather drape jacket: Warehouse Oversized striped tunic: Just Female (by Leather look leggings: TOPSHOP Suede ankle boots: ZARA Leather zipper bag: ZARA

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