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Todays look – wearing my new sequined biker jacket! Lóóóve it! I’m allready dressed up for the night! My bf told me this week to not make any plans for fridaynight because he has a surpise for me! I’m really anxious to know what’s he up to! Hopefully I can make some better outside photos later for a better view of the outfit! UPDATE: Added some outside pics! I had a super great night last night! My bf arranged for me that I could leave work earlier and took me to Den Haag to this very fancy and cool design Japanese restaurant! Great food. Their sushi is to die for! Afterthat he took me to our place and had the whole house decorated with candles and there were roses everywhere. We had some really nice desserts and wine! Sóóó romantic and sweet of him! It felt like we were celebrating something tho it was just a normal day for us! Ankle boots: eBayLeather look trousers: ZaraBlouse: H&MSequined biker jacket: TopshopLeather zipper bag: ZaraJewelery: & H&M Divided


The outfit of last sunday! Went to Amsterdam with my BF. First we went to the premiere of the movie Couples Retreat and the leading actors were prestent too: Vince Vaughn and Malin Akerman. Great movie! After seeing the movie we stayed in Amsterdam for a drink! It was really nice to have some quality time with my bf! We had a great night!


Todays outfit for visiting my girlfriends! I also received that day my order! I’m really enthusiasm about it! Rachel also added a gift! So sweet of her! Will show it to you in the next post! So stay tuned! ;) Reached the 250 followers! =] Such a big compliment! It’s so nice to see that there are so many people interested in my blog and I really love to read each and every comment I receive for my posts! Suede overknee boots: ZaraTunic: Selected Femme (by jacket: ZaraBracelet: H&M Divided PS: The grey coat is added to my closet! =] =] =]


A preview of an amazing grey coat which I tried on earlier this day! (picture it with black leather gloves!!) The BF gave me the green light so I’m going to get it tomorrow! =]Will show you guys better pic’s later! I have been tagged by the beautiful PrincessPolitico! The rules:1) Open your first photo folder2) Scroll down to the 10th photo3) Post the photo and a brief story behind it.4) Tag 5 people! Haha! Me in Venice in a Gondola! Me and my sister were in a crazy mood so we both bought a typical Venice mask and putt it on for our Gondola trip! =] Looking good huh! ;) =P I tag five of my favorite bloggers – they are such an inspiration!:* Fashion Hedonism* Bleed for Fashion* Style Scrapbook* O’Style* Life in Travel Good luck, girls! A NICE WEEKEND TO YOU ALL!

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