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Decided to sell my ASOS Leather Suede Over-The-Knee Boots in the style of Kimberly Stewart size 39. Haven’t worn them all though I recieved them in December! Same story for the cape jacket from H&M – size 36.


Just ordered an ORANGE draped loose jersey dress by Kookai. I think it would be really nice with brown details (and a really tanned skin =] – working on it!) and a black loose fit jersey dress by French Connection (pleasant suprise – SALE started today) This look goed really well with bright colours – especially a bright colored clutch – which is still on my wishlist anyhow!O, and also ordered two double row hair headbands in black and darkbrown!


Want a skirt like this one! Really réally love the outfit! With heels or with flat sandals! To bad the skirt is out of stock. (not really fond of the belt tho) Does anyone know where to find one? ZARA has a really great one but I think that one is a bit to chic!


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